Nelly Akoth 1
Nelly Akoth

Vice President and Chief Credit Officer ,

National BOD

Nelly is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success spanning technology, and finance. Leveraging extensive experience with regulatory and compliance issues, Nelly has valuable experience in areas related to global expansions, risk management in changing environments, governance, or import and export regulations. Her broad areas of expertise include finance, audits, operational finance budgeting, and accounting. Nelly excels at building cross-functional teams to deliver financial planning and startup investment cases.

An industry visionary, Nelly specializes in both distressed and growth business opportunities. In a previous role, she led IBM’s expansion into Africa, was instrumental in designing the expansion plan, maintained control in a high-risk environment, and built teams to execute IBM’s goals for the new region. She is a leader in corporate structure, financial strategy, audits, credit, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. She identifies key partnerships, builds long-term relationships, designs seamless infrastructure set-ups, and monitors the effectiveness of risk management strategies.

Throughout her executive career, Nelly has held leadership positions with IBM in Kenya, Johannesburg, Singapore, and the US. She is currently responsible for leading an organization of 200+ global credit professionals, implementing risk mitigating solutions, and maintaining a balanced portfolio. As VP and Chief Credit Officer, Nelly examines and reviews market implied ratings as compared to internal assessments, sets department goals, and collaborates with the business leaders to design tactical strategy for the organization.