Company: Genesys Works – Bay Area (GWBA)
Location: Oakland, CA
Employment type: Full-time

Genesys Works is a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of disadvantaged high school students through skills training, meaningful internships, and impactful relationships. We do this through a unique combination of intense summer training and a meaningful paid internship at leading corporations during their entire senior year. While the core of the Genesys Works program is the internship, we realize this is only the start of their professional and academic career.

As the Alumni Program Coordinator/Manager, you will play a key role in Genesys Works – Bay Area’s growth and success. You will be responsible for providing effective and supportive programming for Genesys Works – Bay Area students to prepare for and succeed in their college, post-secondary, and career endeavors. The primary objectives of the Alumni Program are to 1) provide college, post-secondary, and career resources and referrals, 2) track the progress of our alumni, and 3) re-engage them back into the Genesys Works core program.

Genesys Works is a nonprofit organization that trains and employs high school seniors to perform professional services for major corporations. Our mission is to provide pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.
Key Responsibilities
Specific responsibilities include:

Student Support – Direct Service (40%)
• Provide overall academic, professional, financial, and social/emotional coaching and support to a program of 425 alumni, fostering trusting relationships and facilitating short- and long-term alumni success
• Oversee, track, and support a cohort of approximately 60 students as they transition from the GWBA core program into the Alumni Program and their chosen post-secondary path
• Attend core program CCC (College & Career Connection) Nights as needed (including hosting May CCC Night with Alumni theme) to support Program Coordinators and develop relationships with soon-to-be transitioning alumni
• Host 4-8 campus office hours per quarter, holding open drop-in time at our most populated campuses in the Bay Area for alumni to check in in-person
• Hold one-on-one check-ins with individual alumni as needed/requested
• Deliver summer melt curriculum consisting of targeted college enrollment and persistence interventions to assist students based on their individual needs (in the form of scheduled text messages & phone/in-person check-ins)
• Utilize online texting platform to regularly monitor, engage, and provide targeted support to alumni
• Deliver financial literacy resources as needed, as provided by partnerships with Genesys Works’ National office and other community partners
• Facilitate 2-3 alumni events per year (ex. alumni aspect of Breaking Through, yearly alumni reunion, etc.)
• Facilitate the reengagement of alumni in core program events, volunteer opportunities, speaking roles, and more
• Send alumni various updates/opportunities via monthly newsletter email campaigns
• Other duties assigned as needed

Alumni Worker Program (35%)
• Manage a group of approximately 15 college interns via workplace development/coaching, timesheet management, quarterly performance reviews, and one-on-one check-ins
• Perform the recruitment, vetting, and placement process for placing alumni candidates into internship roles with our corporate partners, including outreach for internship interest & resume collection
• Provide professional/coaching support to corporate partners supervising our interns in their workplaces
• Manage alumni board engagement and other professional opportunities and support as needed in order to support ongoing internship, career development, and leadership opportunities for key alumni
• Maintain the online alumni portal, posting GWBA internship opportunities as well as external roles found through research in order to help facilitate alumni’s job searches

Curriculum and Partnership Development (20%)
• Lead the alumni mentorship program in partnership with corporate partners interested in mentoring, facilitating strategic planning, alumni recruitment, mentor matching, event-planning, and mentor/mentee requests/needs for support
• Provide referrals to on-campus services, resources, and contacts to our alumni (financial aid, academic support, college advisement)
• Build a communications plan in the form of year-round texting curriculum that reminds alumni of key deadlines, and college enrollment and persistence requirements
• Support data collection and analysis efforts to ensure accurate and timely alumni program status updates and reports
• Connect and make referrals to post-secondary support programs for alumni, including alternative options for not pursuing 2- or 4-year degrees
• Provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources for GWBA’s alumni mentorship program

Systems & Processes (5%)
• Perform data entry in Salesforce database as needed
• Provide alumni-focused data points as needed for grants, fundraising, etc.

Qualified candidates will possess:

• At least one of the following:
o College access experience
o Higher education and/or college success experience
o Student coaching or advising experience
• Passion for the mission of Genesys Works
• High level of initiative to request support when needed, problem-solve when stuck, and bring solutions when faced with a challenge
• Proactive and clear communication style including accurate and concise written communication in emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and social media
• Ability to work independently and manage their own workload while also staying engaged with the larger GWBA team
• Timeliness, when it comes to work hours, deliverables, and communication
• Attention to detail, thoroughness, and organization
• Positive and helpful customer orientation when interacting with alumni, students, college staff, vendors, among others
• Bachelor’s degree

Preferred qualifications:

• 1-2 years of experience in college access programs, campus recruiting, academic advising, or other related field
• Knowledge or familiarity with the challenges low-income/first generation students face in college

Other Info
• Genesys Works is an equal opportunity employer
• This role may consist of working in the Oakland office, remotely, and occasionally out in the community (college visits, one-on-ones with alumni, meetings with partner organizations, etc.)
• Occasional evening work required