Founded in 2002 Genesys Works has elevated high school students into the economic mainstream for 17 years through meaningful work experience and post-graduation support.

Genesys Works was created by Rafael Alvarez, a former corporate strategist for Compaq Computer in Houston. While serving as a board member of a local charter school, Alvarez was struck by the bleak prospects facing economically-challenged high school students at a time when companies like his were in need of new sources of talent.

An idea for a new social enterprise opportunity emerged: train students in the IT services needed in large companies and place them as outsourced contracted talent with corporate clients. This would improve the prospects for low-income high school students while introducing a new stream of diverse talent to corporate America.

Starting with only 10 students and one corporate partner, Genesys Works has grown to become a national organization serving nearly 4,000 students annually in Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington’s National Capital Region and New York City.

Although our reach has expanded to key areas across the nation, we are eager to expand our geographic footprint to serve the needs of more students, companies, and communities across the country. Working in concert with strong community partners, we can build tomorrow’s workforce – today.



Student Growth Since 2002

Student Growth Since 2002

A Growing National Network

Thanks to the generous support of partners like AT&T and Jenesis Group, significant investments in our organizational infrastructure have well-positioned us for growth beyond the six metropolitan areas we currently serve. If you are interested in helping bring Genesys Works to your city, let’s talk.