Aaron Harper 1
Aaron Harper

Program Director, High School Success

Office Staff

Aaron joins Genesys Works in a new role as the Senior Manager of School and Community Partnerships. Aaron has combined his passion for building relationships and serving disadvantaged youth for over 20 years. He joins the Twin Cities team with the fundamental belief that we have a moral imperative to ensure academic and career success of students from economically disadvantaged and challenged backgrounds. He started serving students and corporate partners at Genesys Works as a Technical Trainer where he taught two cohorts of young professionals during summer skills training. Aaron received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Education from the University of St. Thomas and later earned his Masters and his leadership endorsements from St. Mary’s University. He has worked in a variety of educational and organizational leadership roles in secondary schools and continues to serve as an adjunct instructor at Normandale Community College. Aaron is most excited at the opportunity to build and maintain meaningful relationships with existing school and community partnerships, develop additional partnerships and program strategies and lead the student recruitment process.