Janyesha Jackson 1
Janyesha Jackson

Program Coordinator

Office Staff

Janyesha was born and raised in the historic Rondo neighborhood in Saint Paul, MN. She graduated college in 2016 with a degree in Organizational Communications from Metropolitan State University. Her passion for working with young people sprouted from her own personal involvement in youth programs located in the Twin Cities. There, she was offered a job as a Jr. staff member and has worked with youth ever since. Her proudest moment, as a young professional herself, was opening a clothing store with her best friends at 15 years old. Janyesha’s passion for young people brought her to Genesys Works and into many different realms including, but not limited to, coordinating after school programs with the Boys and Girls Club (most recently), curbing summer reading slide with CDF Freedom Schools, creating magical moments for guests at Walt Disney World Resort, and most importantly facilitating trainings to support staff-to-student relationships that enable more equitable programs for all young people.