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Abraham Obregon

Class of 2005, Houston
Internship: Rising Technologies
Current Job: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Abraham Obregon 2

Abraham came to the United States from Mexico as a young child. He came to Houston with his mother, where he joined his father and two sisters. Abraham did not face a language barrier right away. Even though his parents only spoke Spanish, so did the majority of his friends and teachers in elementary and high school. This is often the case in cities like Houston, with such a close proximity to Mexico and such a large Hispanic population.

It wasn’t until Abraham went to college that he realized this was a major hardship for him. “Because the area I grew up in was mostly Hispanic, it jeopardized my years in college to really understand everything in English and it took me a while to learn the language,” said Abraham. Abraham grew up on the southeast side and went to Milby High School, where he participated in Genesys Works.

“I learned that college was the foundation to my success. Genesys Works helped me achieve that.”

Abraham worked at Rising Technologies, and during this time, he excelled and gained valuable technical and professional skills that motivated him to apply and enroll in college. He moved from Houston to DFW to Orlando and then back to Keene, TX, to finish his bachelor’s degree. “I learned that college was the foundation to my success,” said Abraham. “Everyone’s path is different, but you need to have a solid foundation to be successful in life.” Abraham certainly has reached his success; he is a successful sales consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield over the Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas region. He is engaged and lives in Arlington, Texas, with his two dogs, but he still finds time to go back to Houston to visit his family.

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