Mayra Perez

Class of 2004, Houston
Internship: Reliant Energy and El Paso Corp
Current Job: Baker Botts

Mayra Perez 2

When Mayra thinks back on her high school years, she recognizes that her school lacked the funding and resources to provide its students with the proper college and career support they needed. At that time, students who were not interested in joining ROTC or sports had only one other track to explore and that was technology. The Rudy C. Vara Technology Center offered four years of computer classes for students who wished to participate. This was an area she flourished in, so when she heard about the Genesys Works program, it was a natural fit.

“I always knew I needed to do better than my family had, but I never thought working in downtown Houston was a part of that,” Mayra said. By joining Genesys Works, that’s exactly what happened. Mayra interned at Reliant Energy during high school. Seeing the city skyline outside the office windows made such an impact on Mayra, that she still remembers it clearly all these years later.

“I always knew I needed to do better than my family had.”

A self-professed ‘pilot queen,’ Mayra was the first intern in a new department at Reliant, and in college she was the first intern to work at El Paso Corporation. Mayra even traveled to the Twin Cities to help local Genesys Works leadership launch the program in a new market (Minneapolis-St. Paul). She represented the best of Genesys Works, especially with her positive and fearless attitude.

Mayra graduated from the University of Houston and continued to work at Reliant Energy for several years. She now works as a Systems Analyst for Baker Botts, also in downtown. She is proud to be able to have her mom live with her, along with her husband and two dogs. Mayra hasn’t stopped thinking about ways to impact her community and other people who find themselves in situations like hers growing up. In 2012, she founded her own non-profit called An Act of Kindness, a group of community members who gather to help the less fortunate obtain basic necessities.

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