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Michelle Villagran

Class of 2015, Bay Area
Internship: Peet's Coffee & Tea and PG&E
Current Job: PG&E

Michelle Villagran 2

According to Michelle, growing up in Oakland was tough. She says if you can survive Oakland, you can survive anywhere. Opportunities there are limited, and she knew she needed to take advantage of the Genesys Works program if she wanted to better her situation. “I didn’t want to work retail,” Michelle said. She knew she wanted so much more than what her peers were accomplishing.

Through Genesys Works, Michelle interned at Peet’s Coffee & Tea during her senior year of high school. She accomplished so much and did so well in her high school internship that when she applied for a college internship, Genesys Works placed her at PG&E.

“Genesys Works made an impact on my family. I reflect change and a spark of hope for generations after me.”

Based in San Francisco, PG&E is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States. Michelle was encouraged by her supervisor to apply for a full-time job opening at the company. She was hesitant to apply, but her skills and experience led her to receive the job offer. Michelle works full-time at PG&E while attending Berkeley City College. She still receives support from the alumni staff while she pursues her degree and navigates her career path. She has not only survived growing up in Oakland, she has thrived.

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