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Tomei Richard

Class of 2007, Houston
Internship: Kinder Morgan
Current Job: Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

Tomei Richard 2

Tomei grew passionate about technology while she was in school. Born and raised in Houston, she attended Eisenhower High School. She was the only female in her computer class at the time. Her teacher recognized her skill and passion and asked her to consider joining the Genesys Works program. Until then, Tomei had only worked concessions at the local movie theater.

The opportunity to earn a better wage and to do so in the field she was interested in was a major deciding factor for her. Tomei had been raised by a single mom. Her mom is college educated, yet she sacrificed her passion for accounting in order to work in a job with flexibility and a pension to make it easier to raise her daughter on her own. Her mom has been a dedicated postal employee for 26 years, and it’s this incredible work ethic that inspires Tomei in her life choices.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, nothing can stand in your way if you put your mind to it.”

While in high school, Tomei interned at Kinder Morgan her senior year and continued there until 2012. “I did all my work and then more,” Tomei said. “Like, if the floor needed to be vacuumed, then I did that — I was really that passionate about doing a good job.” Clearly, Kinder Morgan was impressed with Tomei. Working there for over five years helped her land a full-time position at Texas Women’s University and then St. Luke’s Hospital.

Looking back on her childhood, Tomei remembers that she was the only girl on her street. She admits she was a tomboy, but that she was not going to pursue sports seriously. Unfortunately, there weren’t any other programs to help her find her interests. Because of Genesys Works and her experiences with the program, Tomei is “living her best life.” She is a Service Desk Support Analyst at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. She’s married and is an avid pop culture, beauty and technology blogger, and she volunteers as a blog trainer. It’s clear to anyone who meets Tomei that she is accomplishing great things and won’t stop until she’s made a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

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