While viral outbreaks like COVID-19 are color blind, the real-world economic, health and social impacts are not.

The coronavirus outbreak has underscored the social inequalities we continue to face as a nation. We know that hourly workers and low-income communities will face a disproportionate impact from COVID-19 due to lack of paid sick time and a safety net of resources.

81% of Genesys Works students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Without a stable source of income, individuals who might even be financially supporting their parents or siblings are at high risk.

40-50% of high school students need to work out of necessity.

Our students’ paychecks help support their families. As many parents face losing their paychecks, their child’s modest income becomes ever more critical to meet the most basic of needs.

72% earn the same or more than at least one parent.

In times of hardships, inequities are exacerbated. We write to you today to share the resilience of the young people we serve – students who have time and again faced challenges and risen above them.

The pace of change is swift. You can help.

If the past couple of weeks have shown us anything, it’s that life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. While internships through Genesys Works are putting better futures within the reach of more low-income students, the COVID-19 pandemic has pulled our young professionals out of the workplace. School can be made up, work can be done from home, but for most of our young professionals, their senior-year internship is likely their one chance to interact in a corporate environment, gain professional work experience and build a network of lasting relationships.
At a time when our students are navigating virus-related fears, the challenges of lost wages, and suspended internship opportunities, they need our support more than ever.


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