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Nearly 60 of Minnesota’s most successful companies “drafted” hundreds of high school seniors into paid internships Tuesday afternoon.

Through a program organized by nonprofit Genesys Works, the nearly 280 disadvantaged students already completed eight weeks of training. All of them earned year-long internships with companies like Target, 3M and Ecolab in St. Paul Tuesday morning.

The “draft day” mirrored the NFL’s with music, a podium, and suspense.

Disadvantaged High School Students ‘Drafted’ into Internships with Top Minn. Companies

Meylani McCorbey, a senior at Columbia Heights high school, was thrilled to learn she was picked by Medtronic.

“I really like the health field, so I’ll be able to work in the IT section, which is a really important section to Medtronic,” McCorbey said.

Sienna Antzares also landed an internship with Medtronic.

“I get to go into a company that’s done a lot for people and I’m really excited because I want to go into the medical field,” McCorbey said. “I’m just excited to learn about everything they have to offer.”

Since 2008, 1,500 students in the Twin Cities have landed an internship through Genysis Works’ Program. The nonprofit said 94 percent of them went on to enroll in college.

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