Celebrate the Class of 2018 & 10 Years of Genesys Works

Take a look at upcoming volunteer opportunities for you to contribute to our mission and serve some of the most driven students in the Twin Cities!

Summer Training Feature Fridays

During Feature Fridays, we aim to introduce students to different technology careers/jobs, with a focus on helpdesk/customer service and deployment type positions. We seek volunteers who either work in any of the two areas or are familiar with the work to lead a presentation and activity with our students. Presentation content and activities are provided, however, professionals who bring their own experience to share with students make the most impactful presenters. We also host a supervisor panel to help students learn more about the internship experience. The panel is a great fit for professionals who have worked directly with our high school interns in the capacity of a supervisor or team member. Dates and locations to come!

Summer Training Developmental Interviews

One of the most exciting opportunities our students have during our summer skills training is the chance to do a mock interview with professionals and receive written feedback on their performance. This provides students with real-world context on the progress of the skills they have been practicing during summer training. Volunteers will review students’ resumes as well as ask interview questions that prompt students to draw upon their past experience. Volunteers will then provide feedback on students’ introductions, confidence, communication skills, and preparation, among other categories. We will hold developmental interviews primarily in volunteers’ offices if they’re in downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis (great for groups of volunteers), otherwise we will hold interviews in coffee shops in either downtown area. We will assign the locations beforehand, and the interviewers will report directly there. Dates to come!

Summer Training Final Exam Conversations

Students who successfully complete our summer skills training are placed into year-long, paid internships. Volunteers will simulate a professional first meeting between the student and their new workplace supervisor, helping to provide students with the confidence and feedback they need to start their internships on the right foot! Volunteers will be grading students on the skills they have been working on during summer training, including their handshake, body language, dress code, level of engagement, confidence, and asking good questions, among other skills. In order to volunteer for this event, you will need to attend a short training immediately before your shift that will help you in grading students’ conversations. Dates and locations for the training and exam conversations to come!

If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, please contact Director of Development and Communications Aileen Kasper at akasper@genesysworks.org .

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