Discover why companies like AT&T, Accenture, Halliburton, JPMorgan Chase and PG&E hire Genesys Works interns to increase staff productivity and improve employee engagement.

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Benefits to Companies 1

Your Needs

Among the many challenges facing corporate managers are issues related to employee productivity and engagement. When employees continually feel they’re being asked to do more with less, it can lead to decreased morale and disengagement, resulting in unintended turnover.

  • What if you had a low-cost, easy-to-execute program that would not only drive up employee engagement and morale, but serve as a direct contributor to overall productivity?
  • What if you could off-load some of the more mundane job tasks from your most skilled people, while giving them the chance to serve as mentors, coaches, and leaders?
  • What if your employees had the opportunity to give back to the community, while at work?

With Genesys Works, you can achieve all of this. And more.

Benefits to Companies 2

Our Solution

Genesys Works rigorously trains high school students from low-income backgrounds in professional and technical skills, then places them in year-long paid internships with our corporate partners. We function as a talent contractor – Genesys Works handles the student recruitment, screening, training, hiring, wages and taxes, then invoicing companies for the services provided.
Working together, we can provide students from challenged backgrounds a life-changing opportunity while your company and employees benefit from the valuable work they perform.
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Benefits to Students

  • Learn and develop essential workplace skills
  • Gain first professional job experience
  • Earn much-needed income for college and families
  • Develop trusted relationships with caring adults
  • Increase confidence, elevate career aspirations

Benefits to Companies

  • Cost-effective, motivated resources adding real value to your teams
  • Increased productivity and morale
  • Opportunities for mentoring and leadership development
  • Builds pipeline of diverse talent to meet future workforce needs
  • Meaningful employee engagement opportunity with lasting impact