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AT&T Case Study
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As a global company with 116 million customers and approximately 246,000 employees, AT&T knows that a business is only as strong as the community it serves. AT&T understands that the number of students not completing high school poses a serious risk to America’s economic competitiveness. AT&T and other corporations seek and often compete to find skilled and diverse talent, especially in the math and science fields. In 2008, AT&T launched Aspire, a multi-year initiative to help young people graduate from high school ready for college and career success.

AT&T’s commitment to helping students prepare for college and career success resulted in a strategic collaboration with Genesys Works, a training and corporate internship program for disadvantaged high school students. This initiative is consistent with AT&T’s philanthropic and business goals, including increasing diversity of thought and creating a future pipeline of motivated and skilled talent for the 21st century economy.

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Student Impact

The impact AT&T has on students through Genesys Works is extraordinary. Our young professionals receive 8-weeks of training before gaining real-life work experience. They also earn a wage and are eligible for continued support after they graduate high school. The impact Genesys Works has on students changes their life trajectory:

  • $4 million earned through internships in 2013
  • Students gain meaningful, work-based internship experience
  • Workplace mentoring from professionals in the workplace
  • 95% of student interns enroll in college
  • 86% of graduates persist in college beyond their freshman year

Business Impact

The impact Genesys Works has is not only felt by students. AT&T has also seen some incredible benefits from their participation:

  • Realizes a positive return on investment for participating in the program. Genesys Works young professionals recovered $1.3 million in 2013
  • Prepares future talent for higher education and workforce
  • Drives value for customers and shareholders with cost-effective interns
  • Increases community impact and fulfills philanthropic goals

Meet Alex

Entering his senior year of High School, Alex Lopez’s family was facing challenges; his dad had lost his job, and his mom was battling serious health issues. Alex participated in Genesys Works to help support his family. He interned with Chicago Public Schools before being placed with AT&T’s recovery and assurance department, where along with another intern, he recovered $147,000 in lost revenues.

The AT&T team was impressed when Alex quickly picked up the technical software and recovered the funds despite not having an accounting background. Alex says the greatest benefit of his AT&T internship was gaining independence and self-confidence in the workplace. The internship also helped him land a job at a local retailer. Alex summed up his experience:

“Genesys Works paved the way for an amazing opportunity. How many people at the age of 18 can say that they recovered $147,000 for a Fortune 500 company. AT&T trusted me to do my work and thankfully, I was prepared for it.”

Entering his senior year of High School, Alex Lopez’s family was facing challenges; his dad had lostAlex chose to double major in Management Information Systems and Business Project Management at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He’s completed two years and plans to begin his third year in January.