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Deloitte Case Study
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Deloitte’s reach across the globe is significant – in the United States alone, Deloitte and its subsidiaries have 80,000 professionals providing audit, advisory, tax, and consulting services across more than 20 industries. In 2016, Deloitte recorded $17.5 billion in U.S. revenues.

In 2015, Deloitte made the critical decision to partner with Genesys Works in Chicago and host two interns in their Assets Department. During the 2016-2017 school year, the interns at Deloitte helped on various IT projects such as new hire onboarding and processing expired rented equipment and renewals.

Our interns were prepared to work at Deloitte and contributed in a meaningful capacity after receiving eight weeks of intense professional and technical training from Genesys Works.

Deloitte Case Study 2

Meet Raul and Ebonie

Raul and Ebonie were the first Genesys Works young professionals placed at Deloitte. Throughout their internship, Raul and Ebonie excelled at completing detailed-oriented tasks under strict deadlines allowing their supervisor Fran Wasko to trust them to help things run smoothly.

“What I love about Deloitte is how diverse they are and how they work with everybody to understand their problems and try to resolve them to make the workplace fun,” Ebonie said.

Raul’s favorite part of the job is the good feeling he gets from helping others. “My coworker and I both shipped boxes out on a regular basis and kept the stock cycle flowing, which allowed Deloitte to save money from leased laptops, and allowed the other technicians to have laptops to work with,” Raul said. “Another way I feel like I helped was by doing the weekly asset scan, which helped my supervisor know of and locate any missing laptops.”

After their internship both Ebonie and Raul have a better idea of what their future holds. “After high school I am going to major in computer programming and get my masters, and I hope to build a school to start children off in S.T.E.M. education at a young age,” Ebonie said.

Raul has been equally impacted by his internship experiences. He received encouragement in his role and this is motivation for him to pursue postsecondary credentials. “I see myself having a good job once I graduate college,” Raul said. “With what I have learned, it feels far less daunting to try to get a job at a big company.”