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Kratos Case Study
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Kratos Defense and Security Solutions develops and fields transformative, affordable technology, platforms and systems for United States National Security related customers, allies and commercial enterprises. The company provides technology and products that support strategic and transformational national security programs by introducing disruptive solutions to the market.

Kratos specializes in unmanned systems, satellite communications, cyber security/warfare, microwave electronics, missile defense, hypersonic systems, training and combat systems. Among these highly sophisticated technology systems, Kratos also places high value on mentoring within their company.

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When the Chief Operating Officer of one of Kratos’ largest partners, Intelsat, recommended the Genesys Works program, it didn’t take more convincing for Phil Carrai, President of the Space, Training and Cyber Division of Kratos to become a partner. “We’ve had an outstanding experience with our Genesys Works interns,” Phil said. “The work ethic of such young adults is astounding, and our team has really embraced mentoring these young professionals.”

Ali is a senior at Falls Church High School in Fairfax County Public Schools and works at Kratos every afternoon under the supervision of Matt Brincefield. Ali started at Kratos prepared, having gone through eight weeks of professional skills training. He has since expanded his knowledge base by learning Linux, tackling some networking, figuring out the FedRAMP accreditation process, coding in Python, and more.

“My most memorable day was when I finished my first substantial script, which automated a portion of real, billable work,” Ali said. “I poured hours of effort into it and it was satisfying to see my effort pay off.”

Ali’s supervisor, Matt, is manager of the penetration testing team. He focuses on Information Technology security through auditing, continuous monitoring, and penetration testing. “We partner with Genesys Works because mentoring is part of our culture, and this is a great opportunity to work with good mentees,” Matt said.

Kratos has seen significant benefits through their partnership with Genesys Works. The benefits extend beyond mentorship and enhancing company culture. “We get the opportunity to reach out to talented young men and women and help them learn the skills we value in our future employees,” Matt explained.


In addition to professional and technical skills training, interns receive ongoing professional development during their year-long internship. Phil has seen the lasting changes himself. “They certainly add specific competencies that will benefit them in the future,” Phil said. “But I think the lasting benefit is the confidence they gain in themselves and in how to interact with others in a professional setting.”

Ali appreciates his meaningful work experiences at Kratos and enjoys working with his manager Matt. “He is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, understanding, and helpful,” Ali said.

Ali is focused on his plans for the future and Kratos has helped him navigate his pathway. “In six years, hopefully I will be employed full-time at a cybersecurity firm with a home (or at least saving up for one), and I will be living comfortably,” Ali explained. He is certainly equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve this and more.