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LMI Case Study
LMI Case Study 1


LMI has more than 1,000 consultants who work to solve some of the toughest problems facing government. Their unique not-for-profit model has served them successfully for over 55 years.

It’s this service-oriented mission that aligns directly with the Genesys Works program. Mike McIntire, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at LMI, recognized that the program fit within LMI’s corporate responsibility goals. LMI values their role in improving the lives of people across the globe, and this also includes students from underserved communities right in their own backyard.

“New additions to the team mean new insights,” Mike said.

“The diversity of background and perspective Genesys Works interns bring to LMI add tremendous value to our culture and creativity in solving our clients’ problems. Each student has come with an eagerness to learn and a drive to succeed that has led to real professional growth throughout the year.”

Mike went directly to his Service Desk Manager, Earl Epps, and asked if he would be interested in participating as a supervisor. Earl was greatly interested in the program, agreed to supervise an intern, and has partnered with Genesys Works for two years now.

LMI Case Study 2

Meet Zeeshan Warrich

Zeeshan Warrich and his family are from Pakistan and he has been in the US since 2016. He is a senior at Lee High School in Springfield, VA. Zeeshan was placed at LMI for his yearlong meaningful work experience through Genesys Works. From the beginning, he felt like he met his second family at LMI.

“I remember the day when I resolved my first ticket,” Zeeshan said. “I came back and everyone was waiting for the results and when I told them, they were all jumping up and down!”

His favorite part of working in the Service Desk department is troubleshooting. His future plans include studying to become a Systems Administrator and working in a professional environment. He is grateful to have had Earl as a supervisor who nourished his work ethic. This will serve him well in college.

“It makes me proud to have a very small part in helping these students trying to achieve their dreams,” Earl said. “They have so many things they want to accomplish in life, and they all seem ready to do whatever it takes to achieve those accomplishments.”

Value Delivered

Zeeshan’s supervisor, Earl, is constantly reminded of the value his intern provides him and other teams at LMI. Without being prompted, Zeeshan went into the office on a weekend just to make sure a number of computers would be ready for the weekly Monday orientation.

“He is really good at predicting what I may need for the week, and he will have whatever it is I need prepped before I even ask,” Earl said.

Zeeshan has been asked by other departments to help out, and Earl is proud to hear feedback that he always lends a helping hand with a smile on his face.