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Medtronic Case Study
Medtronic Case Study 1


Medtronic is a world-leader in medical technology with a desire to effect positive change on a global basis. With annual revenues of more than $28 billion and a mission that seeks “to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,” the company is both successful and influential. Most notably, they understand their most powerful company asset: employees.

Focused within Medtronic’s IT department, students initially tackled the role of help desk and desktop support – that is, until Ray Jarosik, then an IT Director and now Ethics and Compliance Director, proposed the students do even more. “I felt like these students had valuable skills we could use elsewhere within Medtonic, so I started to look for other areas [within the IT department] where we could utilize their talents.” A key reason the partnership with Genesys Works continued to grow was the unwavering support from Medtronic’s Chief Information Officer, Michael Hedges, who saw huge potential in the program. Said Hedges, “Partnering with Genesys Works is a win-win.”

Medtronic Case Study 2

Impacting Students & Supervisors

In 2011, Medtronic knew it could economize by identifying unused IT equipment. By scouring equipment inventory spreadsheets, making comparisons, and checking on usage, Kachia afforded Medtronic with substantial savings on its maintenance contract, totaling $342,370. Her enthusiasm and dedication was Medtronic’s gain.

Genesys Works model places young professionals that bring fresh perspectives and a hunger to learn to the workplace that benefits both the student and our corporate partners.

The Genesys Works model also impacts supervisors at our corporate partners. In 2015, Scott Farwig was entrusted as intern Aaron’s supervisor. Throughout the year, Scott challenged Aaron with increasingly difficult tasks and post-internship, he continued to encourage him throughout his college application process. Upon reflection, Scott noted that he “really enjoyed witnessing such significant changes occur within a short span of time.”