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PG&E Case Study
PG&E Case Study 1

Investing in Youth. Inspiring Change.

Since our launch in 2013 ago, PG&E has supported the efforts of Genesys Works every step of the way. Year after year, PG&E offers more internships, fosters involvement throughout the organization, and encourages employees to play a direct role in the transformation of youth into young professionals. Our vision is that all students, regardless of background or circumstance see a professional career as an expected life step, not an unattainable dream.

“Genesys Works interns have helped our company and employees as much as we have helped them.”
-Jesus Soto, Jr., Senior Vice President of Gas Operations for PG&E.

Mr. Soto and other PG&E leaders not only recognized the opportunity to lift more high school students out of poverty and into professional careers, but also the intern’s ability to fill critical workforce needs at PG&E and build a future employee and customer base. Their early partnership has resulted in over 300 Bay Area students to date, 98% of whom have gone on to college where they will gain increased earnings potential.

PG&E Case Study 2

Meet Michelle Villagran

As part of our Genesys Works Alumni Worker Program Michelle was placed at PG&E in their I.T. Department. After a few months of her internship, her supervisor Larry saw vast potential in her. “She came ready to work with the appropriate knowledge and background to handle the IT tasks assigned to her,” Larry said. He encouraged her to apply for a full-time job, and she did.

During the interview process she was up against much older candidates, but Michelle found confidence in the fact that at 19 years old she already had relevant experience and a taste of professional success. And it paid off. Now she’s working full-time at PG&E while pursuing her degree in Business Administration.