Meet Your Future Workforce

For 15 years, leading corporations like Accenture, Salesforce and Target have partnered with Genesys Works to achieve their goals of strong financial performance and doing social good.

Working with over 300 corporations, Genesys Works provides meaningful work experiences to youth in underserved communities. The key to success is the win-win model: companies benefit from motivated, young talent while students experience a life-changing opportunity.

Join the growing number of visionary companies engaging with Genesys Works and the talented students we serve.

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Benefits to Becoming a Corporate Partner

  • Access to untapped talent pipeline. Shift to cost-effective workforce recruiting by accessing local and diverse talent.
  • Cost-effective, motivated resources immediately add real value to your team
  • Skilled resources. Students receive 8-weeks of intensive professional and skills training
  • Increases productivity. Freeing up staff to handle more important tasks helps increase productivity and morale
  • Provides staff opportunities for mentoring, leadership development 

Interested in Partnering with Genesys Works?

For more information about partnering with Genesys Works click the button below, fill out the form and our corporate partnership team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest.