Interview Preparation

Your Guide to a Successful Genesys Works Interview

 Welcome to an exciting opportunity that could shape your future! Imagine yourself, a few months from now, working as an intern at a major company with a solid plan for college success and a promising career ahead. It all starts with your upcoming interview with Genesys Works. This guide is here to help you get ready.  


A Few Days Before Your Interview

  • Confirm the Details: Make sure you know your interview date and time, as well as if the interview is online or in person.  
  • If Your Interview is Online: 
    • Complete a Tech Check: ensure you have a reliable internet connection and access to a laptop or cell phone. If you need help, contact Genesys Works immediately. 
    • Practice Using the Platform: Get comfortable using Zoom or the interview technology beforehand. 
  • Dress Confidently: Choose an outfit that presents you in the best light and leaves a great first impression.  
  • Paperwork: Ensure your family has completed the Guardian Form emailed to parent/guardian email address you provided on your application.  

Research Genesys Works:

  • Learn more about our program and why you are excited to be a Young Professional.   
  • Think about why a career in technology or business operations (like Finance, Marketing, or Human Resources) interests you. 
  • Share your goals for the future and how Genesys Works can help you achieve them.  
  • Think about a time when you encountered a new challenge and how you problem solved to persevere. 

Tips for a Great Interview: 

  • Body Language Matters: Relax and be yourself during the interview. 
  • Be Professional: Start with a smile and keep good eye contact. Be polite and friendly; first impressions matter.  
  • Stay Engaged: Remember your interviewer’s name and use it. Be confident, and don’t worry if you make a mistake—keep going. End the interview with a thoughtful question. 

After the Interview

  • Say Thanks: Thank your interviewer for the chance and their time.  
  • Stay Tuned: Be sure to keep an eye on your email for updates from Genesys Works.  

      Good luck!