Student Application

Application Process

1. Verify you meet eligibility requirements.
2. Complete a 15 minute online application.
3. Schedule Your Interview.
4. Interview at our downtown office in April (make up interviews available)

If you are accepted, training generally begins late June and runs through mid-August. If you complete training and are placed, internships begin late August or early September. Internships run for a full academic year.

To view benefits, click Program Benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Genesys Works program, you must be:

• A high school junior who is on track to graduate.
• Legally able to work in the US and have active documentation allowing you to do so.
• Able to work in the afternoons your senior year in high school. Since this can conflict with other activities, you will have to make the choice before signing up with Genesys Works.
• Authorized by your school counselor and a recommendation from a teacher, counselor, boss, etc.
• Willing to invest your entire summer, completing our intensive training program
• Willing to commit to regular attendance. You participation in Genesys Works has to be top priority.
• Able to meet Genesys Works dress code and travel to our corporate partners downtown.
• Understand that Genesys Works is an addition to your schoolwork. You must maintain good standing in school and at Genesys Works.