Student Voices

Student Voices


“I was determined to change – and Genesys Works gave me the chance that I needed. Genesys Works recognized my potential and awarded me with an internship.”


“I took the opportunity to go into Genesys Works and expand my resourcess and who I am as a person.”


“Genesys Works helped me realize the power of internships, and how even one good connection can change your life if you allow it.”


“An essential trait I’ve learned is effective communication. When I’m assigned to lead a project, my ability to explain the procedures to others is essential.”


“I always knew I needed to do better than my family had, but I never thought working in downtown Houston was a part of that,”


“I provided value for the company I worked for, even though I was a high school student. The opportunity boosted my sense of self-worth.”


“Genesys Works exposed me to many opportunities and experiences that most kids will never get a chance to see. Because of that, I am a living testimony that despite where you come from, you can still be somebody.”


“Genesys Works has helped me come a long way, not just by helping me earn money, but by encouraging me to want more for myself and not settling. The staff is very engaging and has motivated me to apply for colleges and scholarships. More importantly, Genesys Works has developed me in a professional way and has helped me to be an open, outgoing, and motivated person.”


“My brother was my inspiration to join Genesys Works. I saw how much it helped him through high school and college. I saw how Victor was changing and I wanted to follow his footsteps.”

“As the first-born, I want to be a role model for my brother and sister. Our family holds Kassandra and me to a higher standard now because they know what we are capable of.”


“Supporting the needs of a large law firm made me feel valued and proud. Because of Genesys Works, my dreams of a professional career are becoming a reality.”


“Before Genesys Works, I was the young, self-conscious girl who was afraid to speak. Now, I am ambitions and I display leadership. Being a member of the Medtronic team has helped me realize that I can achieve the goals I strive for. Thanks to Genesys Works, I am more confident and passionate about being successful in life.”


“The best part about being a Genesys Works intern is that I have a whole team to support me, and I know I cannot fail because my team has my back.”


“I joined Genesys Works because I wanted a job. I didn’t know that I would be given help with college and scholarship applications.”