Motivated Students + Work Opportunities = Stronger Communities

Moving Forward

2018 – 2023

The past 16 years have proven that Genesys Works works. Since 2002, we’ve created access to work opportunities for thousands of high school students in underserved communities and prepared them for life after high school and beyond through skills training, meaningful work experience and impactful relationships. Armed with this knowledge, Genesys Works Houston has built a bold vision and an ambitious five-year strategic growth plan to rapidly accelerate our impact.Learn more about our goals, how we will achieve them, and how you can get involved in this important endeavor by downloading the plan today.

Genesys Works Because of You.

You play an integral part in our efforts to help more students realize their full potential and set them on the path to college and career success. Together, we will lead the charge in cultivating a homegrown workforce that bene ts students, local businesses, and Houston’s economic future.

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