Economic Impact of Genesys Works in Texas

Impact & Outcomes 1

The outcomes achieved during the internship year are not the only way to measure Genesys Works’ impact. Using data from a 2016 survey of program alumni and the National Center for Education Statistics, we’ve learned that Genesys Works alumni who have completed college are making an average of $50,000 per year. This exceeds the national average salary for young people of color ages 20 – 24.

Another study, conducted by Dr. Clive R. Belfield, Principal Economist at the Center for Cost-Benefit Studies in Education for Columbia University, analyzed the social return on investment of Genesys Works. The study found that for every $1 invested in Genesys Works, there is a $13.46 economic return to society. The primary benefit to students comes from higher rates of college enrollment and completion, as well as increased workplace experience

Impact & Outcomes 2

Pictured: Juan Benitez Ulloa and Richard De La Haya, Lead Designer in Land Permitting at Williams

Genesys Works Houston Strategic Growth Plan

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