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Young people of color face significant barriers in their endeavors to enter a professional career and earn the livable wage they deserve. We care about that. Through research completed in 2016, we’ve learned that Genesys Works alumni who have completed college are making an average of $50,000, which exceeds the national average salary for those between 20-24 years of age.

And just like our young professionals, we care about our communities. Another study, conducted by Dr. Clive R. Belfield, Principal Economist at the Center for Cost-Benefit Studies in Education for Columbia University, found that for every $1 invested in Genesys Works, there is a $13.46 economic return to society.

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How will you help open doors of opportunity for more young people in the Twin Cities?

Help create a world where all youth with the will and work ethic to succeed are empowered achieve a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency through skills training, impactful work opportunities, and college and career support. Whether providing internships at your company, volunteering with our staff and students, or providing the financial support necessary to break down the everyday barriers our students face, you play an important role in preparing and equipping the diverse workforce of tomorrow.