Corporate Partner Internship Onboarding

Dear Partner,

Welcome! We are so grateful that you’ve decided to partner with Genesys Works. Together, we will advance our mission to provide pathways to career success for students in underserved communities, while also building a more diverse talent pipeline for our Corporate Partners in the Twin Cities.  Thank you for your partnership.

We want you and your intern to have a great experience with Genesys Works – and that takes good planning.  As you prepare to host your intern, our hope is to be as supportive as possible.  On this site, you’ll find all the information you need to get your interns started on the right foot.

In partnership,

Allison Barmann

What to Expect

Genesys Works Twin Cities has outlined the following dates for Young Professionals and Working Alumni to start their internships: 

Monday, August 22nd

Tuesday, August 29th

Tuesday, September 5th

These dates will be agreed upon between your team and our team as we work together to make sure that all onboarding paperwork is complete. The next steps listed below will ensure that you, as a Corporate Partner, is doing your part to provide all that is necessary to onboard our Young Professionals and Working Alumni.  

We look forward to working with you to getting our GW interns to your office and celebrating their new arrival for the 2023 – 2024 internship year.   

If you are planning to continue hosting a student this upcoming year from a prior year placement, please connect back with our GW Alumni team as soon as possible. There is a chance that some HR and billing paperwork will need to be reviewed and potentially modified. 

What is it?   

The pledge form is a formal commitment from you, as the Corporate Partner, to our team as to how many interns you would like to host between August 2023 and August 2024. 

When is this due? 

No later than Thursday, June 1st.

What can I do if I don’t have info on the due date?   

NO internship onboarding operations can start prior to the signed agreement on file with GWTC.

What can I do if I need a new one? 

Connect with your GW Corporate Partners team contact to receive a copy of the pledge form. 

Example Pledge Form

What is it?  

The Genesys Works Service Agreement is the contract that establishes the partnership between you, as a Corporate Partner, and Genesys Works Twin Cities. It provides details about what will be required from each side when hosting our High School Interns (Young Professionals) and College Interns (Working Alumni).  

The Statement of Work is a document to confirm the number of interns that you are employing for the school year (I.e. August 2023 – August 2024) for billing purposes based on what you pledged (see Step #1). The agreed upon bill rate is included and established by GWTC and the role is provided by you in which the intern will hold during the duration of their internship. You will also see any agreed upon billing preferences that you provided (e.g. a cap on a number of hours billed, payment term adjustments, etc.), this will be specified in the Statement of Work (SOW) too.   

The Statement of Work document is signed by both Genesys Works Twin Cities Executive Director and the representative named for the Corporate Partner.  

When is this due?  

Both the Genesys Works Service Agreement and Statement of Work (SOW) is due upon receipt and prior to any further communications and actions completed by GWTC to onboard interns.  

What can I do if I don’t have the info on the due date?

NO internship onboarding operations can start prior to the signed contract and SOW on file with GWTC.  

What can I do if I need a new form or need to start over?

Reach out to your GW Corporate Partnerships team contact with any questions about the service agreement or the statement of work. Here is an example of the statement of work:

Example Statement of Work 

What is it?

Position Information (i.e., job descriptions and supervisor information) is a very important detail for the GWTC team to receive. It serve as a reference for us to understand what the internship will entail for our students. In some cases, your experience may be the first job experience the student has ever had; therefore, it can also serve as a reference point for the student to what to expect on the job and how their skillset and strengths can be applied to the job.

There is also a technical aspect to receiving position information. Our team updates our CRM systems with role details to match students with their new internship positions.

In general, supervisor information have been a very critical component to our onboarding process when they are named. If there are identical roles offered to our interns, the supervisor may be the only unique identifier to match the role to the student. This means that supervisors should be as accurate as possible when submitting the job description to our office.

If you are not aware of who will be the supervisor in a role right away, please add “TBD” to the job description/position. This will allow for our team to follow up with you about updating that information.  Please do not add the name of a colleague who will not be directly supporting the intern or a former supervisor as a placeholder for the name of the new supervisor.

E-mail instructions will be provided to you by our Corporate Partnership team (CPT) staff about providing position information. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail. You can also download this spreadsheet and send it back to as soon as possible.

When is this due? 

Your GW CPT contact will be in touch with you to provide position information. If you don’t see an e-mail, please use the spreadsheet above and send it back to your CPT contact. Our team would like to have all of this information by June 1st. 

What can I do if I don’t have the info on the due date? 

Reminders from GW will be sent out to provide this information as soon as possible.  

What is it?

The contact information for the HR/ Personnel Administrator of your company is provided to our team in case there are any unique onboarding questions that need to be resolved immediately on behalf of our GW interns.  Many of our actions during this time are HR-focused; therefore, having that contact to make sure that your company policy is being upheld from our team is important.

Please provide the HR contact using the following form

When is it due? 

 As soon as possible.

Who should I connect with from Genesys Works if there is an update to this information?

You can send an e-mail to Your e-mail will be directed to our HR team.

Genesys Works is committed to providing a safe working and drug-free work environment

A background or drug screen process is to gather information about an students history of criminal activity, drug use, and other relevant factors that may impact their eligibility for internship with Genesys Works. The process is designed to identify any potential red flags or areas of concern that may affect an individual’s ability to perform their job or fulfill their responsibilities in a safe and effective manner.  By conducting a thorough background or drug screen process, we can make informed decisions that help to protect the safety and well-being of our clients, employees, and Interns. 

Genesys Works offers several background checks and drug screening types and can conduct these checks upon request. 

Our standard background check includes: 

(1) County Criminal Record Search (7 Year), 

(2) SSN Trace – Past Address and AKA Search, and 

(3) Statewide Criminal Record Search (7 Year). 

We also offer several different panels drug screening checks which includes but is not limited to 5-panel, 7-panel, 9-panel or 10-panel. All drug screening results and background check information is confidential. If there are any questions to this process, please contact the People & Operations team at

What is it? 

For the vast majority of Genesys Works Young Professionals, this is their first opportunity to work within a corporate environment.  Since each company also has its own culture and way of doing work, it is easy to see how a young person may not know what to expect before they get started.  An important key to success when onboarding Young Professionals is proactive communication around what they can expect not only on their first day or first week, but what they can expect from their internship site in general.

When is this due? 

Monday, July 3

What can I do if I don’t have the info on the due date?

Contact the Genesys Works office.  Documents must be submitted by Friday, July 14.

Example Documents may be:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Dress code
  • Mission and values statements
  • Company culture documents/team agreements
  • Important dates/Observed Holidays
  • Directions/parking information
  • Additional documents as warranted

Submit Forms Here

What is it?

Some companies utilize their own VMS tool for onboarding employees and contingent workers and require them to input their time within their system as well as requiring invoices for payment to be submitted there. If this applies to your company, we need to know what system you require us to submit our Young Professionals to and who the contact is for us to get this set up with any necessary training.

When is it due?

Saturday, July 1st

What can I do before the due date?

  • Contact our Systems and Operations Manager and your CPT Contact to set up a time to discuss the VMS platform your company utilizes and what will be required from both parties.
  • Book Here Calendly

Our Genesys Works team needs to know how you would like to be billed based on the service agreement and statement of work that was signed.  To do this, you will need to provide a contact from your Accounts Payable (AP) department and information about setting up a purchase order to remit payments to our organization.

Billing requirements should include who should be listed on the invoice as well as who is the AP Contact if we have any accounts payable clarifications. If there are necessary documents and Purchase Order Numbers that need to be included, please submit those to us via this form.

When is it due? 

 As soon as possible.

Who should I connect with from Genesys Works if there is an update to this information?

You can send an e-mail to copying Your e-mail will be directed to our AR team.

First-day details:

Please send the following details about the plans for the interns’ first day: contact person, the office location physical address, directions, and parking instructions (or links if virtual); direction for how interns will get their devices, and any other helpful information. Visit this form to fill out this information.

What is it? 

Draft Day is a formal way to celebrate all our Young Professionals who have completed Summer Training and been drafted into a corporate internship. It’s also a way to thank and honor our Corporate Partners who are an essential part of our programs impact and success.

When is it? 

Thursday, August 10 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Formal program from 10AM-11:30AM.

How Corporate Partners are involved?

Corporate Partners (CP’s) who are hosting interns in their corporation are invited (and strongly encouraged) to attend.  You will be placed at a table with your company colleagues and corporate interns.  Depending on the number of interns and how many of your companies colleagues attending, some some representatives may be asked to sit in the family and friends section.  Throughout the program CP’s and their intern(s) will be called on stage.  It’s an exclusive and fun way to celebrate accomplishments and kick off the internship year.  More details and action items will be shared in June of 2023.  To view the 2022 Draft Day program, click here.

Once you complete all of the steps outlined, a GWTC One Program Team representative will be in touch with your designated supervisors to provide further information about requirements needed throughout the duration of the internship year.

Questions About...

Your partnership with Genesys Works? 

Corporate Partnerships Team

The onboarding process with Genesys Works?

People & Operations Team

Summer Training with Genesys Works? 

Summer Training Team

Accounts Receivable?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please review the steps and make sure that the student gets in touch with their assigned Genesys Works program coordinator.  If there are any changes to the information requested in the steps, our team will need to receive updated information.

All high school students starting an internship in August 2023 will be the Class of 2024.  

We are constantly reviewing the number of touchpoints that we have with our Corporate Partners. Here is a general guide to which teams will be in touch with you about your interns:

Genesys Works Twin Cities Teams: Corporate Partners & Development Team Directors and Managers 

General Reasons to Contact: Pledge Forms, Statement of Work, Contractual Agreements setup & maintenance, Fundraising events & activities

Timeframe in Contact: Spring 2023 – Summer 2023


Genesys Works Twin Cities Teams: People & Operations Team Managers and HR Specialist

General Reasons to Contact: Onboarding paperwork and HR-related functions, Technology and Third-party system support

Timeframe in Contact: Spring 2023 – Summer 2023


Genesys Works Twin Cities Teams: High School & Alumni Team Program Managers & Coordinators

General Reasons to Contact: Overall Internship Experience, Orientations, Supervisor Connections, Internship Check-Ins

Timeframe in Contact: Summer 2023 – Summer 2024

Corporate Partners Supervisor Training is TBD. This training will provide the tools to your staff on managing the interns, expectations, and best practices.

Alumni Program: Membership in our Alumni Talent Development Pipeline provides Genesys Works Alumni access to at least one college-level internship with a Corporate Partner while enrolled in their post-secondary program. We provide Interns and Corporate Partners with a robust interview and selection process to allow Supervisors and candidates to determine their own best fit. This allows each stakeholder to prioritize and screen for their own unique needs and goals to set everyone for a successful internship experience. After a series of six interviews candidates and supervisors rank their options and we do our best to offer each stakeholder a match within their top three choices. 

High School Program: Utilizing action item grades, evaluations, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), students meeting all expectations will be ranked as Internship Ready from throughout Summer Training. Action items include a variety of tasks that provide practical application of the professional and technical skills curriculum, with assignments due for each daily topic. Additionally, the Program Coordinators who support students through the summer provide periodic evaluations on overall student performance and demonstration of our KPIs which are: Work ethic, communication, collaboration, time management, and coachability.

Young Professionals input their time through an internal timekeeping system at Genesys Works called NOVAtime. GWTC is on a semi-monthly payroll schedule; therefore, they must submit their timesheets every 15th and last day of the month, which also coincides with Genesys Works’ Payday. Young Professionals set up Direct Deposit and their pay is process through ACH.

Genesys Works’ Accounts Receivables team from our National site manages invoicing, sending the invoices from the contact provided by you between each pay cycle.

Draft Day: Thursday, August 10th

Internship Year Start Dates (first day of work):

Monday, August 22th

Tuesday, August 29th 

Tuesday, September 5th 

Supervisor Training: TBD – GW contact will be in touch about dates and times for your company

Summer Training Starts: Monday, June 26th

Genesys Works’ is closed on the below holidays. Young Professionals are expected to not work on these days. If you would like your Young Professional to work on one of these Days, contact your Genesys Works Corporate Partnerships Manager and Program Coordinator supervising that Young Professional.

Labor Day: September 4th

Thanksgiving and Friday after: November 23rd & 24th

Christmas Day: December 25th

New Years Day: January 1st

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 15th

President’s Day: February 19th

Memorial Day: May 27th

Juneteenth: June 19th

Independence Day: July 4th

Genesys Works expects for the company to provide the necessary technology assets for their interns. If there is a delay in securing those assets, feel free to reach out to our team to see about our lending options.

Please connect with Julie McConnell, Development Manager, for more information about volunteering or setting up a volunteer-led event. She can be reached at or (651)789 – 0088.

Quick Reference

Contact the Site: (651) 789 – 0088

Submit Billing Forms or Other Company Documentation

Provide Us with Contact

Site Payroll/VMS Contact: Joanna McNellis

Site HR Contact: Becky Kallhoff and Emily Piechowski

Roles to note:

Account Specialist – Company Specific Contact who supervising interns for one company, managing relationship with supervisors, assisting with coaching, expectations, and elevation of time concerns.

Program Coordinator – Supervisor of a cohort of interns, assisting with coaching, expectations, and elevation of time concerns.

Program Manager – Supervisor of the Account Specialist and Program Coordinators.