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Grace Pawula

Director of Business Operations, TransUnion


Connecting Employers with Talent

From senior executives to daily supervisors, corporate partners like TransUnion offer more than just exposure to the corporate world. They foster the skills and confidence to succeed in a professional setting. The relationship between Supervisor Grace Pawula and intern Jennifer Romero (Class of 2014) is a shining example. “Right away, Jennifer was a star,” says Grace Pawula, Director of Business Operations at TransUnion. “After her internship, Jennifer stayed locally for college, so I offered her a job.” Four years later, Jennifer continues to work at TransUnion while studying Finance in college.

Pawula has been a supporter of Genesys Works from the start, even supervising one of TransUnion’s first class of interns. “It’s a tough training course to go through,” says Pawula of the eight weeks of intensive skills training that every GW student completes. “They give up their summer for this opportunity, and it shows a great commitment on their side.”

It’s clear from meeting Pawula that she looks past her intern’s inexperience, and instead focuses on their huge potential for growth. In fact, this mentoring philosophy is closely connected to her management approach for all of her staff.

“You don’t get penalized for making a mistake,” says Pawula. “As a team, we discuss any errors made and think of solutions to get better.”

Pawula’s learning-first mentality is one of the reasons Jennifer Romero chose to stay at TransUnion after her internship ended. She now supervises four Genesys Works interns of her own and continues to benefit from Pawula’s mentorship. “I never pictured myself here,” reflects Jennifer on her path from high school intern to corporate supervisor. “Grace has helped me tremendously, and I definitely see myself furthering my career at TransUnion.” Jennifer is just one example of how Genesys Works connects employers with a pipeline of highly-motivated, diverse talent to meet their needs.