Amin Amos

Technical Analysis Associate at ThreeBridge’s Boom Lab


Amin Amos’ interest in technology started at a young age. At first, it was a hobby, one that combined creativity and problem solving. So, when he heard about Genesys Works, he jumped at the opportunity to take this hobby to the next level – a possible career in something he loved with a built in support system along the way.

It didn’t take long for Amin to begin working towards these goals: he earned his Genesys Works internship with the Client Devices team M.A. Mortenson Company. There, not only did he see that he belonged, but he learned that work could be engaging – that it doesn’t always have to feel like work. Amin went on to study finance at Hamline University and continued to have his sights on a career in technology and business.

These days, Amin Amos is a Technical Analysis Associate at ThreeBridge’s Boom Lab, where he works closely with clients on a data warehouse migration initiative. Every day, he utilizes effective communication and project management skills – skills that he first began to develop and formalize as a Genesys Works young professional.

We thought we’d catch up with Amin to see how he’s doing in his fulltime role at Boom Lab and to reflect on his path to the working, corporate world.

What first motivated you to be a part of Genesys Works? How has your perception of its value changed over time?

I’d like to say my initial motivations were pure, but the main attraction was opportunistic: a way to transform technology from personal hobby to income-generating career. A big part of success depends on opportunity, and how that is distributed through a given community. I didn’t have language for that when first applying, but I identified Genesys Works as a way to access opportunity that people from my community weren’t normally afforded. I won the geographic lottery by being born in a state with a functional social safety net, but Genesys Works channeled the talent I had into the paths that served my goals, and theirs. I only succeeded in the program due to the other resources I could access while going through the program, and those programs can only exist in environments where communities support organizations like Genesys Works.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you learned through Genesys Works? Can you recall a breakthrough moment that was a huge learning experience for you?

Learning how I could contribute to a team in a professional context. There was a weight lifted from my shoulders when I realized technology was where I really wanted to work, and something I enjoyed.

What was something that made your experience with Genesys Works memorable? Anything in particular at M.A. Mortenson?

Realizing that the reality of corporate work can be fun and inclusive, and that work doesn’t need to always feel like work, greatly defined how I formed my ideas around full-time employment. My manager and peers at Mortenson ensured that I felt like a contributing member of the team.

How did Genesys Works contribute to your college experience and now at Boom Lab? In other words, how did Genesys Works open doors to opportunity for you in both your college and career paths?

Genesys Works supported (and still supports) their alumni in a variety of ways, but I recall being offered FAFSA assistance, tax help, job board postings, and interview practice. All of these things helped prepare me for the working world and build habits that become second nature for me before the skills were needed.

What does it mean to be an alumnus of Genesys Works?

It means being connected to a group of people that are helping train and support the next generation of technology professionals, which is pretty cool.

What are your goals for the future?

Professionally, I’d like to acquire deeper knowledge in data analysis, mapping, modeling, and engineering. Personally, and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d like to run a 5K.


It seems like Amin is doing just fine, which is no surprise to us. Thanks, Amin, for reconnecting with us and sharing your story. And good luck with your 5k!