IT intern at ConocoPhillips,
student at Elsik High School


Today, at only 16 years old, Chukwuemeka Agu works in the IT department at ConocoPhillips. Though he is one of our youngest interns, he is excelling in his work there. His older sister, Chioma, is a Genesys Works alumna. Together, Chukwuemeka and his sister are paving the way for their family into corporate America.

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Chukwuemeka and talk about his Genesys Works experience, so far.

What did you like most about your Genesys Works summer training experience?

What I liked most about summer training were the activities. We did so much, ranging from the poem recitals to team games at GW Olympics. Having fun while learning practical skills was an excellent way for me to learn, have fun, and get out of my shell.

What summer training skills have you used in your internship at ConocoPhillips?

I’ve had to communicate with many of my colleagues at work, and whether it is physically or virtually, my Genesys Works summer training covered both areas extensively.

What have you learned from your supervisor at ConocoPhillips? 

My ConocoPhillips supervisor has helped me build my critical thinking skills. Since a great deal of my team’s work involves PC servicing and troubleshooting hardware issues, personal intuition based on previous knowledge is necessary to resolve my colleagues’ IT issues. Thinking of how best to address issues is something that my supervisor has helped me cultivate.

How has Genesys Works opened doors for you?

Genesys Works has given me my first job, and my first perspective of corporate America. It has given me an experience outside that of a normal high school student’s, and has put me closer to people that are living out my career aspirations.

What opportunities has Genesys Works made available to you?  

Genesys Works has given me the opportunity to learn business etiquette while improving my IT skills. I have matured in character through my experiences as a young professional and intern. The possibilities that Genesys Works provides have separated me from my peers at school. I have also been able to get out of my comfort zone, allowing me to thrive in my internship.

What would you tell others about Genesys Works?

Genesys Works provides a great opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their career ambitions. It gives insight into various industries that would otherwise be unavailable to people my age, and it is more than just name. The employees behind the title are courteous, and their dedication to a better future for young professionals is uncanny.

Chukwuemeka is gaining valuable work experience in his internship with ConocoPhillips. After high school, he plans to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. We are so proud of the work he has done in his internship and are certain he has a bright future ahead.

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