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Pictured: Jennifer Viveros and Mohamed Ismail


Despite struggling to learn English skills as a young immigrant from Mexico and worrying that this might prevent her from succeeding after high school, Jennifer Viveros was determined to seek out opportunity. She found a life-changing experience through Genesys Works, which sparked her love of IT.

Armed with her internship experience and a degree in computer science, Jennifer brought her talent to Optum as an application developer, where she recently earned a promotion. Jennifer is doing what she loves and wants to ensure more students have exposure to this growing field.

Since Mohamed Ismail began his Genesys Works internship in 2017, he has gotten to know Jennifer as a key coworker at Optum. “Jennifer opened up a new chapter in my life. I learned that computer science is a huge field, and it’s a job that’s needed everywhere. I want to take a huge step in supporting my family by pursuing a career in computer science.”