Pictured: Nancy Ambriz


Nancy Ambriz is a Class of 2018 intern at Patterson Companies. Her supervisor is IT Director Tim Sweezo, and she works alongside Genesys Works alumni and current Patterson employee Tim Tran.

Did you notice a change in yourself between your first day of summer training and Draft Day?

Yeah, I saw a change within me. I remember a moment during a lesson in summer training where we had to go up to a stranger and have a conversation with them. We could talk about anything, but we needed to be the first one to approach the stranger. That was the day I remember a boost in my confidence because I could approach anybody and say, “Hi, what’s your name?” I remember thinking, “Wow, I went up to people with nothing, and I’m really proud of myself.” If my program coordinator Doyen hadn’t pushed me to do it, I would’ve just waited for them to approach me. You have to be the first one to approach somebody if you want to get to know them.”

What are some lessons you’ve learned through your experience with Genesys Works?

The important lesson throughout my journey has been the professional skills. They have really helped me with my internship: having an open mind because anything can happen, like they taught us in summer training, where you have to improvise or solve problems right there and then. In my work environment, you don’t have to know everything every day; you just have to go with flow because everything is new. Being patient and respectful is also important because you’re not just selling the image of yourself but of Genesys Works as well. Lastly, our [Genesys Works’] number one policy – being honest – with my mentor, program coordinator, and supervisors is so important.

What’s been your most memorable moment at your internship so far?

There have been a lot of moments. I think the one that was most memorable was during a meeting where we give shout-outs to people if they did a great job. I was working on a project called Evergreen, and someone from that group gave me a shout-out and said, “Nancy did a good job, and I’ve appreciated all of her hard work.” That was a memorable day because I felt like I was part of the team, part of their community. I contributed to the project with them. I felt like I did a good job, and I didn’t ask them to say that, but they were willing to give me a shout-out.

What do you like about Patterson Companies?

There are really nice people. I like my supervisor because he’s flexible, allows me to explore different areas within the company, and doesn’t want me to do just a specific job. He wants me to take the opportunity to explore different areas of our business. I like that as a company they’re flexible about that.

What does Genesys Works mean to you?

I think it’s an awesome opportunity. I was second-guessing myself. I was worried about IT – what if I don’t do a good job, mess up at the company, or don’t do the right things – but then my mentor told me to just see if I like the program. I think it’s been the biggest, most awesome decision I’ve ever made because I get to meet new people and new students, learn about their background and skills, and just try to get out of my comfort zone. I never thought Genesys Works would do that, but I’ve gotten to grow and learn more about myself that I didn’t know.

Has Genesys Works helped you establish the future that you’ve envisioned for yourself?

Yeah, it’s helped guide me. I didn’t know myself like this before. Genesys Works helped to guide me through what I need and know more about what I want to do.

Any last words that you want to say?

If I hadn’t taken this opportunity and experienced this program, I’d just be taking other classes. It was worth the summer training. It was worth going through Draft Day and being excited. I’m taking my own path instead of following everybody else – not just trying to pass my classes and get through high school. I took the opportunity to go into Genesys Works and expand my resources and who I am as a person.