Our Solution 1

By giving underserved students the opportunity to succeed in a professional work environment while still in high school, we can open up career possibilities and pathways previously thought unattainable.

Genesys Works empowers high school students from challenged backgrounds to achieve college and career success through skills training and meaningful work experiences. The primary elements of our program model are highlighted below

Our Solution 2

Skills Training

8 weeks of training the summer before senior year of high school. Includes technical skills in information technology and business operations, and the professional skills required to succeed in today’s corporate workplace.

Our Solution 3

Meaningful Internships

A paid, year-long internship at partner companies. Working 20 hours per week, students further develop and refine high-demand work skills while providing valued services to corporate partners.

Our Solution 4

College and Career Coaching

Throughout the year, students receive more than 60 hours of guidance and counseling on appropriate college and career pathways. Includes college selection, applications, and financial aid assistance.

Our Solution 5

Alumni Support

Guidance navigating the complex world of post-secondary institutions and supporting students as they deal with the academic, social, and financial obstacles that might stand in the way of college and career success.

Our ultimate goal is to move more students out of poverty and into professional careers, creating a more productive and diverse workforce in the process. View our Theory of Change to learn more about how our programming positively impacts students, benefits companies, and transforms communities.