The Problem

Too many students from low-income backgrounds graduate high school without the skills, knowledge, and insight needed to succeed in college and a career, leaving a lot of potential untapped and jobs unfilled.

 Genesys Works is tackling these problems head-on. Together with our school and corporate partners, we’re equipping today’s youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow.

Students growing up in low-income environments often don’t know about what career opportunities exist and don’t realize that a professional career is attainable, putting them on a lifelong path of underemployment and an inability to actualize their true potential.

At the same time, the disparity between what students are taught in the classroom and what’s needed for success in the workplace continues to widen. As a result, millions of entry-level jobs go unfilled each year because young adults lack the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to succeed in these roles.

Closing these skills and opportunity gaps is an urgent economic and social imperative. With 65% of all jobs in the U.S. estimated to require a post-secondary credential by 2020(1), and only 9% of low-income students earning Bachelor’s degrees by age 24 (contrasted with 77% of high-income peers)(2), it’s clear that much work needs to be done to close our nation’s educational achievement and economic opportunity gaps.

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2 Pell Institute – “Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the U.S.” – 2015 Revised Edition