Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Vision for Sustainable Impact

April 11, 2020


Twin Cities

Brandon Vi, Class of 2020 Intern at Best Buy

Brandon Vi, a young professional at Best Buy, understands the big picture. He knows that he’s part of something that will benefit him in the long run as he pursues a career in technology. And, he knows that he’s part of something more significant than just himself – something that will benefit the futures of so many young people like him who don’t have access to high-paying technology careers at a company like Best Buy.

It’s a good thing that Best Buy is also in the business of providing opportunity. Brian Tilzer, their Chief Digital and Technology Officer, explained why: “This partnership is so important to Best Buy because we are dedicated to preparing teens from underserved communities for the tech-reliant careers of the future. Not only does this mean developing them personally but also, really investing in their futures through on-the-job learning experiences.”

And, don’t just take it from Brian. Brandon sees this every day: “Best Buy is a company that pushes for diversity and inclusion,” Brandon said. “There is no better feeling than being able to bring my background and values to work and know that my voice is heard and appreciated.”

Best Buy supports Brandon – and every other high school intern – from the top-down.

Brian explained what this looks like: “At Best Buy, our rallying cry is, ‘Let’s talk about what’s possible’… This means being a visible champion, and creating an environment that allows interns to learn, grow, and develop skills for any career they choose in the future.

Brandon’s supervisor, Mandy French, a senior manager of technology operations, makes it her priority to talk about what’s possible every day. She’s invested in developing Brandon’s technical skills, such as in ServiceNow reports and dashboard creation, and his project management and professional skills on projects across teams and departments at Best Buy.

So, why does she advocate for Brandon and for Genesys Works? Here’s why: “The Genesys Works program is not only helping bright young people transition into successful, professional careers, it is helping to diversify the next generation of IT workers.”

Best Buy is committed to individual successes like Brandon’s and to what it means beyond Brandon – beyond the now and into the future technology industry. The company has fully bought in. But, don’t trust us, trust Brandon. He sees and feels the immense support surrounding him: “I’ve realized that my success and experience matters to everyone at Genesys Works and Best Buy.”

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