Career Launched!

July 1, 2020


Twin Cities

We’re entering an exciting phase in the Talent Development Pipeline (TDP) program. This year, Genesys Works young professionals are beginning to exit the program for the very reason they enter it: to launch their career!

Our first individual to move into his first official career role is – drumroll, please – Kyle Lee!  Find out more about Kyle and his first career moves, and stay tuned for more individuals to be added to the official “Career Launched” list!

Kyle Lee

Kyle had previously been hired as an intern at Minco and is now moving into a full-time position with them as a sensors engineer. Some of the responsibilities he had attained in his internship role will carry over into this new position.

In reflecting upon how Genesys Works helped prepare him to launch his career, he especially valued the ability to build MS Office, professional communication, and networking skills.

Kyle initially joined the TDP program to remain connected to Genesys Works, network with other business technology professionals, and dive deeper into professional development opportunities. Through his participation, he learned it was also a way for him to maintain a strong GPA – more specifically, one above a 3.0 – due to the GPA program requirement.

Now, he hopes to become a mentor for other TDP young professionals. His advice to those still in the program? Write down your goals and refer to them often in order to hold yourself accountable and consistently check your status. According to Kyle, the hard work is worth it in the end. By his current job status, we’d have to agree with him.

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