Where Are They Now? They Are Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Zeltzin Montero Castillo, a Genesys Works Twin Cities alum, was recently promoted to Senior Engineer on the Executive Level Support Team at Target HQ! Zeltzin wrote a blog post for us back in 2020, and we recently caught up with her to hear about the amazing advancement she has made in her career since then.

Tech Skills or Soft Skills, Which Matter More? The Answer May Surprise You

There’s a lot of buzz in the tech world that soft skills help employees succeed and move up the corporate ladder as much as, if not more than, tech skills. In fact, two recent workplace studies by Google revealed the top seven skills that indicate career success at the tech giant are all soft skills,

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Intern Supervisor Spotlight

Angela Kean – JPMC What motivated you to partner with Genesys Works? I have always thought that my retirement job would involve teaching technology/business at a community college somewhere. When I was approached about being a supervisor for Genesys Works, I thought this might be a great way to test if this was a good

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Intern Supervisor Spotlight

Eve Colmus – Clif Bar What motivated you to partner with Genesys Works? So many young people have a hard time seeing themselves in tech because of their gender or ethnicity. My goal is to change that and give them the tools and inspiration they need to make it in the industry.  What makes serving

The Alumni Catch-Up: From Mission to Impact

Mia PollardGenesys Works Bay Area Alum Class of 2021 Where are you in your career journey?I’m currently finishing my first year of college at UCLA, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. GO BRUINS!!! I am also working as a Business Operations intern at, a data management company, and seeking summer job

How Genesys Works NYC and Corporate Partners Break the Bias against Women in Tech

In 2022, technology lives in all parts of our lives – from workspaces to kitchen appliances. The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the digital revolution, where remote work helped make it safer for employees to show up and get the job done. Technology is helping us tackle problems big and small, but the people behind the

The Alumni Catch-Up: From Mission to Impact

Emmanuel WilliamsonGenesys Works Chicago Alum 2016 Where are you in your career journey?While I am just beginning my professional career journey, I am extremely excited about my future. I currently work as an Investment Banking Analyst at Mesirow, an independent financial services firm here in Chicago. Where do you see yourself professionally in three to

We Are All a Part of Black History in the Making

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We can learn a lot from history, and Black history is American history. During Black History Month, we celebrate the profound contributions Black Americans have made to society. During his Montgomery Bus Boycott speech in 1955, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  said, “we’ve got to come to the point that we

Intentional Mentorship Advances DEI Strategies

According to a study by Cornell University, mentorship continues to be more effective than any other diversity initiative in expanding economic opportunities for underrepresented groups and improving the retention rates for women and people of color. Indeed, mentorship programs are a sound tool to meaningfully advance DEI strategies.  At Genesys Works, we’ve seen first-hand the

November 2021 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

At Genesys Works Twin Cities, a year-long business and technology internship is more than just a job. It is an opportunity for our young professionals and corporate partners to engage in creating a truly meaningful work experience and form lifelong connections.  Read on to learn about our November Featured Intern and Featured Supervisor and how