Five Years Later: Renewing Our Commitment to Large-Scale, Flexible Funding

July 28, 2022


Ballmer Group is proud to announce that we are renewing a suite of grants to 18 stellar organizations working nationally to improve economic mobility. Their work is wide-ranging, in impact areas such as early childhood and family formation, child welfare, K-12 education, college/career readiness, and criminal justice reform.

Five years ago, just as Ballmer Group was getting established, we invested $260 million of flexible funding into these organizations that had demonstrated their ability to reshape opportunity and reduce systemic inequities across the U.S. These 18 grants helped to set the foundation and better inform Ballmer Group’s grantmaking to hundreds of organizations working in dozens of impact areas that affect economic mobility.

Since Ballmer Group’s inception, our co-Founder Connie Ballmer has always believed that flexible, multi-year funding and support is critically important. Over the past five years, these grants have demonstrated that this type of funding helps organizations to adapt quickly in changing and emergency circumstances – of particular note: the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, these organizations have effectively handled crises, transitioned business models when needed, and, ultimately, better met emerging needs of the kids, families, and communities they serve.

Today, our renewal commitment totals over $284 million to the same 18 organizations, bringing our full amount of support to over $544 million. Scroll down to see the full list of grantees.

“These renewals reflect the incredible accomplishments and progress made by our grantees. They also represent Ballmer Group’s commitment to long-term partnerships, to flexible funding, and to trust in our grantees,” said Connie Ballmer, co-Founder of Ballmer Group Philanthropy.

We hope you take the opportunity to learn more about these incredible organizations at their websites below. You can also click here to see our 300+ active grantees and the full range of issues Ballmer Group funds today.

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