From Young Professionals to Board Members

March 15, 2023


Twin Cities

“Being on the board I feel will have the most impact.”

Adam Tenasupatra

“I could do my small part to contribute to the forward progress of GW by serving as a Board Member.

Dionne Gharamu-Nrumaachi

Adam Tenasupatra and Dionne Gharamu-Nrumaachi are Genesys Works Twin Cities alums and members of the 2023 Board of Directors. This is Adam’s first year on the board, and Dionne’s 4th. As board members, they seek to make greater impact for an organization that has helped paved foundational paths for them. Genesys Works will benefit immensely from having their leadership, experiences, voice and perspectives at this decision-making table to ensure students are having a meaningful internship and program experience as well as to scale our impact and growth. Read a little about their journeys and their reasonings for joining the Board of Directors. 

Adam and Dionne have paved their road to career success, and Genesys Works is honored to have been a part of their journey. Adam joined the program in 2010 and interned at Thrivent Financial. He received his Bachelor’s from Lawrence University and Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Finance from Webster University. Adam works at Wells Fargo as an Advance Financial Analytics Consultant. He is also a Limited Partner for Exoro Capital Asset Management LLC and as a NGATs NCO for Minnesota National Guard. Dionne joined Genesys Works in 2009 and interned at Ecolab. He received his Bachelor’s from University of Minnesota and his Masters of Public Administration from Hamline University. Dionne was recently promoted to Senior Development Advisor and NEOO Partners. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.   

An early introduction to, and growing familiarity of IT and the corporate environment in high school is a highlighted as having an impact on both Adam and Dionne. The exposure from Summer Training and their year-long internships developed their skills, grew their network of professionals, and expanded their vision for their futures. Dionne recognized that the lessons learned and gratitude was mutual between interns and the internship sites, “By taking part in the further diversification of many companies in our region, we were and are enriching them and making them more creative, equitable, and resourceful problem-solvers.” 

When asked how they want to support igniting the spark within our young people, Adam raised the importance of having a purpose, and Dionne shared the impact of growing self-confidence and “stepping into greatness.” Adam and Dionne are bringing both elements to the board. They are great examples for our Young Professionals and alumni to see themselves in leadership positions. Adam and Dionne also bring a passion for our program and a commitment to our vision of removing barriers to upward mobility and economic self-sufficiency. Adam shares, “I really love this organization. Any chance that I get to advocate for it, I do it.” 

Genesys Works Twin Cities’ Board of Directors are comprised of individuals who center our young people as our future workforce. Fifteen years of igniting the spark within local youth is an exciting milestone to celebrate, but we are also concentrating on continuing to progress forward. We are proud to have Adam and Dionne, who bring lived Genesys Works experience, in leadership positions to help close the pervasive economic divide, while developing a more diverse talent pipeline for the Twin Cities workforce. 

About Genesys Works

Genesys Works’ mission is to provide pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships. We envision a future where all young adults are equipped and empowered with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success, upward mobility, and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency. We serve high school students and alumni through our comprehensive program continuum of professional and technical summer training, year-long paid internships, college and career coaching, and college and career success support.

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