Where Are They Now? They Are Inspiring the Next Generation

April 25, 2023


Twin Cities

Have you heard? We are celebrating our 15th anniversary, which means that many of our Young Professionals have launched into the workforce! We now see program alumni at partner companies in supervisor positions with Genesys Works interns, paying forward the wisdom and guidance they received in the past.

Paolo Phothiboupha is an intern supervisor at Target, one of our 50+ company partners this year. Corporate Partners play a critical role in providing meaningful paid work experiences for our young people. Supervisors are a big part of creating transformational experiences for our interns. They meet with interns regularly to guide and mentor, provide meaningful projects to work on, and help develop their workforce readiness. 

Paolo attended Champlin Park High School and interned at Target for his Genesys Works internship. He was always interested in technology growing up. He loved taking things apart and solving how to put the pieces back together. When he learned about Genesys Works, the opportunity converged his education and possible career interests with the chance to earn money toward his education. Through Genesys Works, Paolo learned important skills that he still uses today, including IT knowledge and business communication tools. He continued to intern at Target after high school for about three years until he joined the Target Hi-Tech team full-time as an Engineer.

When Paolo made the transition into a full-time role, he advocated to become a Genesys Works supervisor to share the guidance that was given to him as he built his career path, exploring and figuring out what he wanted to do. Genesys Works opened doors for him, and he believes that the program can for the future workforce as well. To maximize the opportunity, Paolo advises not to treat the internship as just a job but to treat it as a steppingstone for a future career. 

Paolo is passionate about developing and coaching others. He learned from Genesys Works and his past supervisors, including a supervisor at Target who was also a former intern and is now Paolo’s colleague. One key lesson that Paolo aims to instill in interns is to advocate for themselves. He adds that one must remind themselves that they define their own success, “only you can define what success is with the goals that you have, and will be different from others.” Every individual’s experience is different, and he reminds Genesys Works interns that they know what is best and right for them.

When asked why he believes Genesys Works Young Professionals are prepared to be the companies’ current and future workforce, Paolo shares, “Genesys Works is a good program. It teaches Young Professionals how to interact in society and the workforce. Genesys Works trains you on how to communicate with people daily. The skillset that the program provides to young people sets them up for success.”

Genesys Works Twin Cities placed more than 380 high school and alumni interns last fall, and Corporate Partner champions and supervisors are important parts of their journeys toward career success. Having Genesys Works alumni, like Paolo, enter the supervisor role, bringing their Genesys Works experience, is truly special and valuable. 

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Genesys Works’ mission is to provide pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships. We envision a future where all young adults are equipped and empowered with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success, upward mobility, and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency. We serve high school students and alumni through our comprehensive program continuum of an eight-week professional and technical summer training, year-long paid internships, college and career coaching, and college and career success support.

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