Interview with Twila Day, Managing Director – Alvarez Marsal

July 14, 2015



Twila Day, Managing Director for Alvarez and Marsal is a champion of the Genesys Works program as well as a member of the Genesys Works – Houston Board of Directors since 2010.   Prior to her position at Alvarez and Marsal, Twila served as Vice President and CIO for Sysco Corporation where she was introduced to the Genesys Works program and identified it as a great opportunity. 

“After the Genesys Works interns came on board, we realized they were better trained and better qualified than what we’d seen in other interns,” Twila states, “it was a great way to have additional resources who could help us accomplish our work.” The students were proficient in key skills, cost effective and hit the ground running.

Genesys Works students are trained in IT, Business or Engineering and given professional and technical skills training which enables them to provide real value during their corporate internships. In Twila’s experience, “they always mastered whatever job we gave them to do, they asked for new responsibilities and got excited about taking on new things.”

For many students, a professional career is more than unreachable, it’s unimaginable. Through Genesys Works they learn they can be successful in the corporate world, and the skills they develop will benefit them in college and beyond.

Genesys Works interns “are unbelievable assets to the company,” says Twila. “The fact that students give up their summer to go through training and take the program very seriously shows that they are investing in themselves. It says a lot about the upcoming generation entering the workforce.”

Employing a Genesys Works intern is a cost effective way to increase productivity and help create a new future for Houston youth.  In partnership with Genesys Works, companies can save money and still get the job done.

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