November 2020 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

November 10, 2020


Twin Cities

Intern Feature: Oscar Garcia, Ecolab

Oscar Garcia, Intern at Ecolab

Genesys Works Twin Cities has more than 310 amazing young professionals in our program – engaged and motivated interns – working towards career success. For our November Making Internships Meaningful feature, we are recognizing Ecolab intern Oscar Garcia who was nominated by his supervisor Todd Aguilar for his wonderful personality and diligent manner in completing his work.

Navigating an internship throughout a pandemic can be difficult for students, but maintaining an open-mind and persevering can be instrumental to success. According to Oscar’s supervisor Todd, Oscar has done a great job in demonstrating these traits: “Oscar was very understanding and adapted well.” He has shown dedication to his internship by being responsive and maintaining consistent communication throughout a new experience. Oscar’s personality has been patient and engaging, which are important traits to kick off a rewarding internship experience.

Just a month into the internship, Oscar has already made a great impression by being one of the top team members in Ecolab’s “task competition” – an amazing accomplishment! Within the work he does, he is careful and values quality over quantity, making sure to ask critical questions. Because of his strong work ethic, Oscar helps to make sure new team members are onboarded quickly by completing all of the New Hire tasks.

Todd appreciates the work Oscar has put in to create a meaningful internship. Thank you, Oscar, for taking a cautious approach to your job duties – accuracy is vital to our team. I also appreciate your adaptability, flexibility, and your hard work so far.” It makes Todd proud to know Oscar has impressive skills that make him adaptable and dependable and that he completes his work to the best of his abilities every day.

We appreciate the hard work of interns like Oscar who make sure they have a successful and meaningful internship. Starting off strong by being eager to finish tasks and have healthy relationships with his team can certainly lead to a meaningful experience as a Genesys Works intern.

Supervisor Feature: Andy Evans, 3M

Andy Evans, Josue’s Supervisor at 3M

Genesys Works Twin Cities is grateful to have more than 200 supervisors in our network of devoted IT and business professionals that support and mentor our young professionals. In our November installment of the 2020-2021 Making Internships Meaningful series, we recognize Andy Evans, a supervisor at 3M, for his willingness and dedication to being proactive and for helping his intern Josue Martinez reach his potential and learn new skills.

Josue appreciates Andy for a multitude of reasons since he’s started his internship, “Andy pushes me to learn new things and goes out of his way to help me. He is always there to assist me no matter how busy he may be.” This duo makes sure to stay connected daily through calls and messages. They have daily short meetings to ensure they are on the same page and update each other thoroughly about the work they’re doing and any assistance they might need.

At 3M, Andy and Josue are part of the IT Security Technology Operations team in the Information Security, Risk, and Compliance department of 3M. On a daily basis, they assist other 3M employees with various tasks that include service requests and support issues. Josue participates in team meetings and works on special projects. Thankfully, through some Genesys Works supervisor connections at 3M, Andy has been able to help Josue get acquainted with another team to learn more about programming and fulfill his interest, which they’re both very excited about!

Andy’s journey of becoming a supervisor for Genesys Works young professionals at 3M was unexpected for him. Even so, he shares it has been a great experience as interns like Josue help him develop professionally as a leader and build worthwhile connections within the Genesys Works network.

Josue Martinez, Intern at 3M

Looking towards the future, both Andy and Josue have some hopes and goals in mind for Josue. Andy hopes for Josue to have developed lasting relationships and connections from his time at 3M that will eventually lead to a successful rewarding career. As for Josue, he hopes to approach his future differently and live out this advice: “To always go for what’s best for you, and to not be afraid to speak up for yourself.”

Building long-term relationships and connections can have a huge impact on our young professionals, especially with the support of supervisors like Andy. We hope they continue to build a meaningful internship experience through strong communication, professional development opportunities, and connecting with other members of the 3M team.

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