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5 myths about high school interns and why your business should hire them

 Employers are struggling to fill jobs with experienced, skilled workers. In fact, job openings hit an all-time high in August 2018, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in just two years, 1.4 million computer science-related jobs will be open, with barely 400,000 qualified candidates to fill them.

Internship Spotlight – Ali Hammad, Kratos

My coworkers had been talking about various hacking conventions since the beginning of my internship, but there was one in particular that they told me about in early November. That one was ShmooCon.

NCR 2019 Plans

We are extremely excited about our fourth year in the National Capital Region and we are excited for continued growth in the area. This year we are planning continue expanding to 3 new schools, Roosevelt, Friendship Collegiate, and Friendship Tech Prep in the District of Columbia and continuing our growth in our current Fairfax County schools in order to train and place 60 young professionals with our amazing corporate partners for year-long internships.

2018 NCR Highlights & Achievements

Genesys Works in the National Capital Region had a successful 2018! As we reflect, we feel proud of the work our students, partners, and staff have done to impact the Washington metropolitan region community.

Dream big, always

At some point during her internship year at Genesys Works, Julie set a goal for herself to one day work for Genesys Works. She has never forgotten to dream big, always.

Genesys Works Recruits Students ‘With a Fire in Their Belly’ to Build a Future

Genesys Works aims to give a hand to students in underserved communities, but the intense technical training and internship placement program also helps participating workplaces fill in-demand positions. The program, said National Capital Area Director Mioshi Moses, targets students in underserved communities, but particularly those “with a fire in their belly” willing to put in the work to build futures for themselves.

Genesys Works Receives $500,000 Grant from to Support National Workforce Development Programs for High Schoolers

Genesys Works is announcing that contributed $500,000 to the national nonprofit, which provides paid internships and job training to high school students from underserved communities. This grant will support program efforts at Genesys Works’ Bay Area location, as well as help to expand engagement efforts with program alumni for its sites across the country.

Genesys Works Names David Williams of Make-A-Wish America as New CEO

Genesys Works, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities, announced today that David Williams will join the organization as CEO starting January 1, 2019. In his new role, he looks forward to scaling the organization’s impact and helping more youth succeed on a path towards college and career success.