On College Success: Five questions with Rafael Alvarez, Genesys Works

This is a blog series focused on how the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation approaches college success work. You will hear from our partners who work each day to help students improve academically, complete rigorous curricula, and cross financial hurdles. One of our partners, Genesys Works, provides pathways to career success for students starting in high school, by providing skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships. Students who graduate and go on to college are able to use these skills in internships and throughout their college and professional careers. We talked with Rafael Alvarez, Founder & CEO of Genesys Works, about our guiding principle in college success work: The right assistance at the right time can help students get into college, stay in college and graduate. You can read the whole series here.

Official Statement from Genesys Works’ Founder and CEO on DACA Program

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Marian Davenport – Genesys Works

SUMMARY: Robin Tooms interviews the executive director of Genesys Works – Houston. Genesys Works provides work experience and professional and technical skills for at-risk high school students to help prepare them for the workforce; students actually spend their senior year of high school in an internship. As a startup in 2002, Genesys started with 12 students and one or t …