Volunteer Appreciation Month: Intern Supervisor Spotlight

April 19, 2022


Angela KeanJPMC

What motivated you to partner with Genesys Works?

I have always thought that my retirement job would involve teaching technology/business at a community college somewhere. When I was approached about being a supervisor for Genesys Works, I thought this might be a great way to test if this was a good retirement plan. After learning about Genesys Works’ mission and understanding the opportunities the internship program provides young adults, I couldn’t say No. 

What makes serving as an intern supervisor a meaningful use of your time? 

Knowing that I am providing our young professionals the opportunity to learn technical and interpersonal skills and provide experiences that will help them better prepare for their future, both personally and professionally, is amazing. I wish I would have had an opportunity for an experience like this when I was their age. 

What is the most significant benefit you receive as a Genesys Works intern supervisor?

The Genesys works intern supervisor experience has helped advance my leadership skills by allowing me to gain new perspectives, improve my communications skills, and reappraise expectations. 

What is the most memorable accomplishment of your experience?

The most memorable accomplishment of this experience so far was seeing our young professionals deliver their Sprint Review presentations earlier this month. The presentation started with a personal introduction and then highlighted some of their key assignments, technology exposure, and reflections on what they had learned. It was remarkable to see how confident and poised they were in their presentations and how proud they were of what they had accomplished.

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