Week of August 28, 2017: Internship Process

August 22, 2017



  • Internship program starts August 21st. Students starting after August 21st will participate in our ACHIEVER + program.
  • Young Professionals work Monday- Friday. Their internship start time is 1:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm (1:30 pm is permitted, if there are class scheduling conflicts).
  • Students should eat lunch before arriving to work.
  • Most internships are located in the Downtown Chicago Loop Area; expect for Rush Hospital, which is located near the University of Illinois Chicago campus (right off of the Blue Line) and CPS – Bridgeport location.
  • Genesys Works attendance policy will allow only two missed days per performance review (every three months); with every 40 hours worked interns receive one hour of paid time off (totaling to one day every two months).
  • If students do not go to school, they will not be able to attend work, unless they have an accused absence such as a field trip form, doctor’s note or court document. If students arrive to school late, they are still able to attend work.
  • Program Coordinators (PC’s) are the liaison between client and students. PCs conduct monthly check-ins with clients and weekly check-ins with students.

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