Where Are They Now: Gozong Lor, Class of 2013

February 15, 2018


Twin Cities

Where Are They Now: Gozong Lor, Class of 2013

Gozong with her 2012 Summer Cohort

Alumni: Gozong Lor

GW Class: 2013

High School: Saint Paul Central Senior High School

College: Macalester College

In 2012, Gozong Lor began her year-long internship with Target through Genesys Works. While this experience initially seemed like a short-term dive into IT, Gozong soon realized the internship meant more – to her and her company.

Her internship with Target sparked an interest in technology, and she quickly advanced to programming their web pages, a task that is not taken lightly at the retail giant. While at Target, Gozong met Dan Hernandez, a champion of the Genesys Works program at the company. She kept in touch with Dan, which developed her growing interest in the career field. In the midst of a busy senior year of high school, she also participated in Genesys Works’ monthly college and career classes. Throughout this time period, Gozong worked closely with her summer training Program Coordinator Mai Youa Moua, now the Program Director at Genesys Works. As they narrowed down her interests and opportunities for college, they also connected over their shared passion for culture and language. Mai Youa reflects on what made Gozong a successful intern, “Gozong was always intentional about the relationships she built with others and was always proactive in working towards her goals.”

Gozong worked hard, applying to many Minnesota colleges, and eventually decided to enroll at Macalester College with a major in computer science. Gozong utilized her experience at Target to earn a college internship there following her junior year at Macalaster College. Despite her growing interest in this field, Gozong was challenged by the expectations of those around her, who urged her to pursue a different field. During her internships and throughout college, she had witnessed the lack of women in STEM but knew she had the skills for success and had experienced firsthand the benefits that accompany a career in this thriving field. While she enjoyed and showed talent in a variety of fields such as writing, the arts, and political science, she ultimately decided on a career in technology. Gozong wanted to prove to everyone that not only was she capable of being successful in computer science, she had chosen the right path for herself.

Upon her graduation, Gozong earned a full-time position as a software engineer with her original employer: Target. Today, she is living out her dream of “creating social good through technology” and encourages other Genesys Works Young Professionals and students thinking about the program to be curious, develop relationships, and keep connections that are formed during the internship. Gozong has certainly not abandoned those ideals in her own life. Because others invested in her future, she invests in current Genesys Works interns – such as through Target’s new mentorship program – to ensure they are given the same opportunities.

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