Who says you can’t save money AND get the job done?

April 22, 2015



Imagine a workday with less stress, the opportunity to offload entry-level business, engineering or IT tasks to well trained, professional interns, and make your community a better place all at the same time.

Genesys Works gives low-income underserved high school students the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty within their families by providing professional and technical skills training and a meaningful high school internship at major Houston companies.

Mark Boring, IT Director for Client Services at Kinder Morgan, has been a corporate supervisor mentoring Genesys Works interns for 10 years.  After working with so many of these eager and motivated young people, he “now expects to receive interns at more than entry-level.”  He feels that “in particular, Genesys Works does a great job of focusing on training soft skills such as communication and conversation abilities.”

It’s more than just an internship, Genesys Works interns are a cost-effective solution to addressing vital business needs. Working 20 hours per week to these companies, our interns make a significant impact by decreasing the workload for their departments.  “They don’t just do menial work,” Mark says.  Because of their high levels of training, Kinder Morgan’s IT interns “fill a valuable position in our company, and help with real tasks such as desktop support.”

Genesys Works interns are trained in IT, Engineering or Business career tracks.  They perform duties such as:  surveying building architectural properties or adding new or missing lines to pipeline schematics; and processing accounts receivable or performing monthly reconciliations.

As Mark says, “We depend and rely on them. They get more done than other interns and allow us to focus on getting bigger projects underway.”

Through a partnership with Genesys Works, companies have the opportunity to provide an important community service and help change the trajectory of young lives. Students gain skills, experience and confidence in their futures while earning much needed income.  Meanwhile, companies meet their own objectives without negatively impacting on their bottom line.

Genesys Works is currently seeking internship opportunities for our class of 2016 interns who will be placed in August of 2015.  Contact us immediately to learn more or to request  interns for your company. 

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