Haley Coller 1
Haley Coller

Analyst ,
Goldman Sachs

National BOD

Haley Coller is a driven and strategic analyst at Goldman Sachs. Using her double major in Public Accounting and Political Science, she has cultivated a career in the fast paced world of finance. Haley’s current work is centered around exotic structured products, primarily equity derivatives such as Options, Future/Forwards, and Swaps for the Private Investor Group business. After spending nearly three years working in finance, Haley knows what truly drives client relationships and investment strategies. It’s not only making the most money, it’s how well you treat people you’re trying to help and how well you communicate your understanding of their needs back to them.

Originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, Haley completed her undergraduate studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2016.  Upon graduation, Haley moved to New York City to join Goldman Sachs. She is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion and has an immense love for travel. To date, she has been to over 25 countries and has visited 4 of the 7 wonders of the world.