Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business

Genesys Works’ unique program model is helping close the educational achievement and opportunity gaps currently challenging our communities.  By connecting youth to the right opportunities and support at the right time, we enable more urban teens to break the cycle of poverty and join the economic mainstream.

We believe that education must go beyond the classroom to prepare students for college, career, and life.  We actively address this through our innovative program model, which has prepared thousands of disadvantaged high school students for college and career success.

The Genesys Works model consists of four interlocking program elements, conducted in an environment of high expectations and support:

  • Skills Training. 8 weeks of vigorous training during the summer before students’ senior year of high school
  • Meaningful Internships. A paid year-long professional internship at one of our partner companies
  • College & Career Coaching. Focused classroom instruction and one-on-one counseling on appropriate college and career pathways
  • Alumni Support. Genesys Works staff proactively supports students as they deal with the academic, social and financial obstacles that might otherwise prohibit students from college and career success.

Click here to see a listing of the high schools attended by our current class of young professionals. If you are interested in making the Genesys Works program possible for qualified students in your school, please contact us for more information.